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About Jaisalmer - Attractions of Thar Desert

"The Golden City"Jaisalmer is known as "The Golden City" and "The Jewel of Desert". It is famous for its amazing fort, Havelis, Gadisar Lake, Jain Temples and for beautiful carved sand stone houses. The narrow streets and old markets makes the walk in city very attractive. The Jaisalmer Fort is one of the oldest living fort in India and display the true image of the Royalty of the city. Night view of shiny golden fort from rooftop restaurants add romance in your dinner .. 

Arts - Jaisalmer is world famous for it's artistic carving on sand stone, traditional gold and silver jewellery designs and for it's traditional folk music. While your visit, you could visit to several old building to enjoy the carving, Museum, puppet show and Gypsy music.  

Tribes and Villages - On our Camel Safari tour you would be able to visit some of the villages and Gypsy tribes along the desert. These villages reflect the heritage culture of "The Golden City" with it's adobe houses, coloured dressing, Rajasthani style Jewellery and a simple living people with their Cattle.

Desert festival and fair - The Rajasthan desert festival organised every year in last three days of full moon in Feb month. Thousands of domestic and foreign travellers and local people celebrate this festival with dance and singing. Festival is an introduction of colorful folk culture of royal Rajasthan, the snake charmers, folk performers, camel race, Beauty contests, moustache compitetion, puppeteers, art and crafts are the major attraction of the festival.

Camel Safari - The Camel also known as “Ship of the desert” is best way to explore the "Thar Desert". 

Desert Scenery- The Thar Desert is known for it's beautiful scenery and it's a heaven for professional photographers. The sunrise or sunset view over the sand dunes are very unique experience to have. The view of galaxy while you sleep in desert and the silence of desert attract thousands of travellers every year to visit Jaisalmer .. 

Wildlife - Some wildlife species,which are about to extinct in other parts of India, are found here in large numbers, such as the Great Indian Bustard, the Blackbuck and the “Indian wild Ass”. The Desert National Park, Jaisalmer, spread over an area of 3162 km, is an excellent example of the ecosystem of the Great Thar Desert. The golden fox, caracal, snakes, lizard are the few wild animal found in Thar Desert.

Music - The culture of Jaisalmer is full with passion for music and poetry. People often get together on festivals, weddings or normal days for singing and dancing. Organising an evening with folk music and dance is a must do thing while your stay in desert during the safari tour. The folk singer that are also called Mangniar are world famous for their gypsy music with traditional instruments. 

People and Culture - People from Rajasthan very known for their history, hospitality, language, food, kindness and for their beautiful culture. People love to wear colourful cloths, silver or gold jewellery and handmade leather shoos with colourful hand made cloths. The gypsy tribes, folk music and Kalbelia tribal dance are world famous from this region. In deep desert people still travel miles with their potter to get water for their daily use.

"I had been to Jaisalmar last year, went to Sam sand dunes with Arya Tours and travels. We checked out in trip advisor and booked for two days tour. We went to Sam sand dunes in the evening, spent great time there. And returned to tent for dinner and stayed there. On the way we went to abandoned village. Om was very informative and their hospitality was too good."
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